Our publications in the Journal of the Canadian Acoustical Association (JCAA) are listed below. Each paper is available for download. Links are also provided to the JCAA page (subscription required).

Greg’s Papers

  • Flanking Noise at Stacked Townhouse Entrance Stairs (2024, co-authored with Pier-Gui) [pdf] [JCAA]
  • The Condominium Process and Noise (2017) [pdf] [JCAA]
  • Beaver Barracks Acoustical Engineering Case Study (2017) [pdf] [JCAA]
  • Heritage Building Conversions and Acoustics (2017) [pdf] [JCAA]
  • Proposed State-of-the-Art Criteria for Office Building Acoustics (1993) [pdf] [JCAA]
  • Sound Masking Systems: A Guideline (1992) [pdf] [JCAA]
  • Acoustic Strategy: Public Works Canada (1992) [pdf] [JCAA]
  • Development of Diesel Generator Isolation Systems for Low Noise and Vibration (1991, co-authored with Scott J. Bradley, P.Eng.) [pdf] [JCAA]

Pier-Gui’s Papers

  • Exploring Variations to ASTM E336 Directional Sound Source Positioning (2024, co-authored with Greg) [pdf] [JCAA]
  • Manufacturers’ Sound Data – Application Experiences (2023, co-authored with Greg) [pdf] [JCAA]
  • Case Study: Retrofitted Solution to address Sound Flanking via Window Mullions of Stacked Residences (2019) [pdf] [JCAA]
  • Case Studies: Effect of Fasteners Bridging Resilient Channels on AIIC Performance in Wood-Framed Condominiums (2017) [pdf] [JCAA]