Architectural Acoustics

Architectural acoustics refers to all issues affecting acoustic comfort in an indoor environment: background sounds, noise isolation between rooms, and room acoustics. We assist by recommending appropriate acoustic design criteria based on the intended uses of indoor spaces (residential, office fit-up, classrooms, sacred spaces, music appreciation, etc.) and their adjacencies. We work alongside the design team, providing acoustic analysis, drawing reviews, and recommendations in order to meet these objectives. Following design, we follow-up with site inspections and field measurements to ensure and demonstrate the expected performance is achieved.


Mechanical Noise and Vibration Control

We assist with the design and mitigation of mechanical systems to meet requirements for vibration isolation, sound transmission, duct-borne noise levels, and noise emissions to outdoor points of reception. We provide field review and measurement services required for these activities.


Site Inspections

Small deviations in the implementation of good architectural and mechanical designs can have a significant negative impact on acoustic performance. Worse, the finished construction may not show any visible signs of deficiency. This means that acoustic problems are often only discovered post-occupancy, when corrective actions are much more difficult and costly to implement.

We provide site inspections to identify and correct these issues during the construction process. We also offer training programs for construction crews, to ensure that acoustic requirements are well understood at the outset of the construction phase.


Environmental Noise

We provide all services required to respond to environmental noise issues: noise source measurement, noise level monitoring, computer modelling, and development of options for noise mitigation where required. We provide environmental noise reports suitable for applications for Site Plan Approval (e.g. per the City of Ottawa Environmental Noise Control Guideline) and Provincial approvals (e.g. Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks applications for ECA or EASR).


Assessment of Sound Reinforcement Systems

Whether it’s a performing arts space/lecture hall (where listeners gather to appreciate of sound/speech) or a facility with a paging system (where listeners are solicited building-wide, sometimes in an emergency situation), our firm can measure relevant metrics describing the room’s acoustic characteristics, and optimize sound reinforcement systems.


Measurement Capabilities

  • Airborne Noise Isolation between indoor spaces (ASTC, NIC, etc.)
  • Impact Sound Insulation between indoor spaces (AIIC)
  • Speech Privacy Class (SPC)
  • Reverberation time of indoor spaces (e.g. per ISO 3382)
  • Speech intelligibility
  • Indoor sound levels
    • Sound masking system commissioning
    • Verification of duct-borne sound levels
    • Workplace noise exposure levels
    • Investigation of intrusive noise and vibration
  • Noise and vibration of mechanical equipment
  • Outdoor noise level monitoring